Mass Shootings: Root Causes And Failed Remedies

Clear thinking is a moral imperative.  That was the belief of Blaise Pascal, the seventeenth century French mathematician, scientist, inventor and theologian.  From Pascal’s perspective, the endless, reflexive repetition of tried-and-failed gun control measures in response to mass shootings can be seen as an immoral waste of time and effort.

The misguided focus upon these measures validates the classic definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  It also comports with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that thinking is the hardest thing in the world to do, which is why so few people do it.

During the past several decades, our nation has experienced a spate of mass killings from Columbine to Fort Hood to El Paso to Dayton (as well as in Chicago, Baltimore and L.A. on a daily basis).  Anyone willing to pause, take a deep breath, and patiently ponder these events will eventually see that the root problem is not the guns–or knives, explosives, or motor vehicles–used by the amoral perpetrators of such atrocities.

The root cause is to be found elsewhere.  In my opinion, it’s that too many members of my baby-boomer generation failed to plant the seeds of gratitude, personal responsibility and respect for all human life in our children.  To our shame, too many of us foolishly outsourced this vital duty to pontificating, self-serving professional politicians, politicized judges, unaccountable bureaucrats, and drug-dispensing charlatans posing as mental health experts.

These so-called public servants responded by planting the weeds of ingratitude, dependence and resentment throughout our nation’s fruited plains.  It matters not whether they acted out of malice, greed or simple incompetence.  All that matters is they have produced a harvest of personal, familial and societal dysfunction in America.

This toxic harvest is the result of the politicization of our families, churches, K-12 schools, universities, and other life-sustaining organs of our cultural immune system.  The good news is these essential organs have not shut down entirely.  At least not yet.

If our nation is ever again to reap a harvest of domestic tranquility and the blessings of liberty, Americans must drive the purveyors of political poison from our homes, houses of worship, and centers of learning.  These personal sanctuaries must forever after be deemed off-limits to the federal government and its agents.

More than this is required of us, however.  We must also drive the government back inside the confining cage constructed for it by the Framers of the Constitution.  Because of their addiction to power and their love of controlling the lives of others, the government’s innumerable agents won’t leave of their own volition.  Of that we can be certain.

Removing them will require a non-partisan, grassroots movement of law-abiding and liberty-loving Americans to engage in acts of non-violent civil disobedience–both small and large, symbolic and substantive.  Every such act represents a grain of sand thrown into the gears of the finely-tuned, liberty-destroying machine which our government has become.  In time these grains will assuredly disable the machine.

We must then stand perpetual guard to ensure that our government never again escapes from its confinement.  It must never again be allowed to breach the wall of separation between the constitutionally-limited places where Uncle Sam can legitimately command our consent and the spacious, private places where we the people are free to pursue our own happiness and worship our Creator without interference from the idolatrous apostles of the religion of Ever Bigger Government (ref.


Reversing America’s Decades-Long Harvest Of Personal, Familial And Societal Dysfunction

There’s a reason “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” remain the nine scariest words in any language.  Permitting self-serving professional politicians, hyper-politicized lawyers posing as impartial judges, and unaccountable bureaucrats to play God with the lives of others never works out well for the intended beneficiaries.

The Good Book tells us that we reap what we sow.  For several decades now America has reaped a harvest of personal, familial and social dysfunction.  Why?  Because we the people have foolishly outsourced the sowing to these so-called public servants, who have responded by planting weeds in our magnificently-fertile soil.

In plain English, we have permitted them to seize control over our families, churches, K-12 schools, private businesses and other personal sanctuaries historically deemed off-limits to the federal government.  It matters not whether they acted out of malice, ambition or simple incompetence.  All that matters is that the results have been catastrophic.

What we are witnessing at present is the socially-engineered decline and approaching fall of the American republic.  All is not lost, however, not if we the people re-assume personal responsibility for ourselves, our families and our local communities by forcing the federal government back within the strict constraints imposed upon it by the U.S. Constitution.

The bottom line?  Unless a non-violent, non-partisan, grassroots movement of liberty-loving citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) arises in defiance of the illegitimate, wannabe ruling class occupying Washington, D.C., America will not survive for future generations as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around” (ref.

Open Borders: A Modest Proposal

In order to prove that they are not just virtue signaling, open borders proponents must put up or shut up.  I can think of no better way to do that than by their support for decriminalizing the actions of anyone–whether illegal immigrant, citizen or lawful alien resident–who trespasses upon or physically occupies a private residence, commercial building or government facility.  It would be appropriate for these compassionate souls to immediately petition their elected representatives to introduce legislation to enact this policy.

Such legislation must explicitly acknowledge that enforceable private property boundaries are antithetical to open borders.  To be meaningful, it must include an individual mandate assessing fines, penalties, taxes, asset forfeitures and/or prison sentences upon anyone who fails to (1) demolish the gates and walls surrounding their property, (2) remove the locks from their doors, and (3) dismiss their private or government-provided security guards.  This will conclusively demonstrate their principled belief that what’s good for the deplorable goose is also good for the Progressive gander.

Call me cynical, but I won’t be holding my breath awaiting calls for this legislation from open borders proponents in Hollywood, academia or the media.  Hypocrisy, much? (ref.

From Two-Party Political System To Anti-Democratic Cartel: Progress Or Decline?

America’s two-party system has evolved into an anti-democratic cartel over the past several decades.  The cartel can no longer be relied upon to fulfill its precursor’s role of forming a ruling political majority committed to the proper functioning of a federal government instituted by the sovereign states in 1787 for the purpose of securing their citizens’ God-given rights.  It exists for an entirely different purpose now.

The cartel consists of a unified party perpetually advocating for highly-centralized, ever-increasing government power.  The hyper-politicized judges, know-it-all professional politicians and self-serving bureaucrats comprising its membership seek this power in order to expand their control over our families, churches, schools, community organizations and other personal sanctuaries.

Towards this end, these worshippers at the altar of government power have repeatedly violated the strict constraints imposed upon them by the Constitution.  They have ignored its separation of powers provisions by investing armies of unaccountable busy-bodies populating innumerable regulatory agencies with non-delegable executive, legislative and judicial powers.  Like home-grown terrorists, they have undermined our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation by laboring to replace it with a Godless, de facto religion of the state.

These political gangsters have fundamentally transformed the Constitution from a security pact among the states–as intended by its Framers–into an instrument of surrender to an unconstrained federal government.  As a result of their lawlessness, the government has forfeited its legitimate authority over we the people of the United States.

Today, July 4, 2019, is the 243rd anniversary of our nation’s declaration of independence from an English king who had similarly forfeited his authority over the American colonies.  Only a non-partisan, grassroots movement of citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) willing to emulate the Founding Fathers’ courageous defiance of their tyrannical ruler can restore the rule of law and limited, consensual government.

This goal cannot be attained through the electoral process alone.  It will require acts of non-violent civil disobedience against the cartel.  Citizens must find imaginative ways–both large and small–to throw sand into the gears of the monstrous, liberty-grinding machine which it has built in Washington, D.C.  Only in doing so can we atone for our shameful failure to act as the ultimate guardians of our freedom and as trustees of the blessings of liberty for future generations.

The strategy for victory over the cartel is simplicity itself:  We win, they lose.  Failure is not an option.  Victory alone will save America from becoming a one-party socialist hellhole.  Victory alone will ensure America’s survival for generations yet unborn as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around” (ref.

The Tragedy Of Forced Busing In America

Well-intentioned, social-engineering schemes administered by government invariably result in societal carnage.  This was certainly true of forced busing in America.

Its architects and advocates promised miraculous outcomes.  Its actual results were tragic for our nation.  They include the politicization and destruction of quality public education and the reversal of ongoing progress in race relations.

Only “public servants” with concealed political agendas, clueless social justice warriors, and race hustlers persist in denying the enduring truth about busing:  Permitting politicized federal judges, self-serving bureaucrats and know-it-all career politicians to use government power to manipulate the lives of children, parents, school teachers and administrators is a formula for disaster.

By now the science is well and truly settled.  Imperfect humans playing God with the lives of others never works as advertised.  The history of forced busing in America is just one more example of why the nine scariest words in the English language remain “we’re from the government and we’re here to help” (ref.

Chief Justice John Roberts’ Legacy

John Roberts no longer surprises.  When it comes to validating increases in the power and authority of the federal government at the expense of individual liberty, this mislabeled “conservative” can be counted upon to betray his oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

As night follows day, Roberts can also be counted upon to preserve precedents in which hyper-politicized Justices engaged in judicial legislation to impose rejected social agendas upon America.  In refusing to overturn such fraudulent precedents, he has demonstrated a misguided focus on the Court’s reputation for consistency at the expense of faithfulness to the principle of limited, consensual government.  He has thereby proved himself to be an enemy of the democratic process.

By his words and deeds, John Roberts has secured a legacy rivaling that of Roger Taney for the shameful Dred Scott decision.  His deciding vote in the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) ruling was the jewel in his crown of infamy.   This transparently-politicized decision fundamentally transformed the Constitution from its Framers’ original design as a security pact among the sovereign states and their citizens into an instrument of surrender to an unconstrained federal government.

The Obamacare decision was a death blow to the rule of law.  It was also the last nail in the coffin of the principle of limited, consensual government in America.  Henceforth, Mark Twain’s satiric quip that “no man’s life, liberty or property are safe when the legislature is in session” would require updating to include “or when the Supreme Court is in session.”

It’s been said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.  This is certainly true of John Roberts, who has gained the admiration and gratitude of all who regard America as the main source of evil in the world.  For those of us who who regard it as the “last best hope of man on earth,” however, he belongs right up there with Benedict Arnold at the pinnacle of our nation’s pantheon of all-time villains.

Help Wanted: Citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers). Job Description: Restore Limited, Consensual Government To America By Rescuing The Rule Of Law.

More than any time in our history, America is in dire need of citizen Constitution Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to exercise authority over our increasingly-lawless federal government.  The public servants occupying its legislative and executive branches can no longer be trusted to fulfill the government’s primary purpose of securing every citizen’s God-given rights.  Neither can they be trusted to abide by their oaths to preserve, protect, support and defend the Constitution.  The reason is simple:  They have forfeited their legitimate authority over we the people by repeatedly violating the strict constraints imposed upon them by that historic document.

What about the Supreme Court?  Surely we can rely on its nine justices to guard the Constitution.  Or is this merely wishful thinking?

Anyone familiar with the Supreme Court knows it has a long history of betraying the principles of the rule of law and limited, consensual government enshrined in the Constitution.  Typically, it has done so through acts of judicial legislation practiced by unethical, robed lawyers who remove Justice’s blindfold to advance favored social  agendas.  The Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling is a classic example.

Nearly a half-century ago, Chief Justice Warren Burger and six other unelected, lifetime-tenured lawyers proclaimed their creation of a fictitious right to abortion entirely absent from the Constitution.  In doing so, they demonstrated a breathtaking contempt for its separation of powers doctrine.  Their arbitrary action removed the socially-contentious subject of abortion from resolution through democratic debate and the electoral process.  It also defrauded citizens of every state in the union of the freedom to protect an unborn child’s right to life.

The Burger Court’s ruling in Roe was reminiscent of the earlier, fraudulent Dred Scott, Madalyn Murray O’Hair and Plessy decisions.  The Dred Scott case denied that states could lawfully protect a former slave’s right to liberty, whereas O’Hair prohibited states from permitting voluntary, non-denominational prayer in taxpayer-funded schools as practiced since colonial times.  In Plessy, the Court affirmed that states could consign racial minorities to “separate but equal” public schools without depriving them of the equal protection of the law.

The most egregious example of this type of hyper-politicized, judge-made law involved the Court’s Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) ruling on June 28, 2012.  On that infamous date Chief Justice John Roberts and four wannabe legislators, posing as impartial interpreters of the Constitution, decreed that a grotesquely-partisan Congress and a double-talking White House could dictate the life-and-death healthcare choices of 320 million Americans.  Their vast expansion of the federal government’s power and scope defrauded the citizens of all 50 states of control over this vital area of their lives.

The source of this authority was identified by Justice Roberts as the federal government’s taxing power.  He based this conclusion upon his misrepresentation of a non-existent provision of Obamacare.  Adding insult to injury, he simply ignored the fact that the ACA did not originate in the House of Representatives as required for tax legislation.

It was widely agreed that the “conservative” Chief Justice had pulled a fast one.  He had betrayed his oath to support and defend a Constitution which had served as a blueprint for strictly-limited and decentralized government for 223 years.

Roberts’ betrayal fundamentally transformed the Constitution from a security pact among the states into an instrument of surrender by the states to an unconstrained federal government.  This crime against the Constitution has established for him a legacy of shame exceeding even that of Roger Taney for the Dred Scott decision.

Thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, June 28, 2012 would forever be remembered as the day the rule of law died in America.  Or so it seemed.

As events have played out over the ensuing seven years, however, it has become evident that rumors of the rule of law’s death were greatly exaggerated.  Signs of life have included multiple attempts by various states to nullify Obamacare and to protect innocent human life in the womb through legislative and judicial actions.

Such attempts to reverse these and other court-enforced cultural changes are illustrative of the type of push-back needed to rescue the Constitution.  In time such remedial actions will force our lawless federal government back within its original, strict constitutional constraints.

Let there be no mistake, however.  Victory will not be easy.  It will have a cost.  Freedom always does.  It will require the emergence of a non-partisan and non-violent, grassroots movement of laymen and laywomen from all walks of life who share an undying love of America as the land of the free and home of the brave.

To be effective, these CEOs must withhold their consent to be governed by what has become an arrogant, elite, wannabe ruling class in Washington, D.C.  Active and passive means of civil disobedience will disrupt what has become an enormous, liberty-destroying machine in the nation’s capital.  

Of one thing we can be absolutely certain.  Victory will require sacrifice.  Only if these volunteer CEOs summon the courage to emulate the Founding Fathers’ pledge of their lives, fortunes and sacred honor will they achieve the noble goal of restoring limited, consensual government to America.

Failure is not an option.   Failure will mean that generations yet unborn are deprived of their rightful inheritance of the blessings of liberty.  Only victory will restore their stolen inheritance.  Victory alone will ensure America’s survival as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around” (ref.