Pope Francis’s Socialist Blind-spot

It’s been said that Pope Francis is a Jesuit with the soul of a Franciscan.  Many consider this combination to represent an ideal balance of reason and faith.  My purpose in writing is not to comment on the nature of his faith.  To do so would be impertinent of me.  Rather, my purpose is to point out a tragic flaw in the quality of his reason.

This flaw is most evident in the Pope’s economic pronouncements.  From my perspective, these pronouncements suggest that the light of reason in him is insufficient to illuminate what I regard as his socialist blind-spot.

I believe the Pope’s blind spot has distorted his moral vision vis-a-vis non-doctrinal, economic issues.  His obvious preference for socialism over capitalism has indirectly contributed to a revival of the deadly, discredited theories of Karl Marx.  Even worse, it has given aid and comfort to Marx’s post-modern disciples as they evangelize for the godless, cradle-to-grave welfare state.

The Pope’s dubious economic pronouncements have undermined the foundation of the Holy Catholic Church which God has entrusted to him.  Wittingly or not, they have placed him in league with secular humanists the world over who would use the power of omnipotent, centralized government to destroy the religious freedom and individual liberty of their citizens.

In all humility, I urge Pope Francis to prayerfully revisit Jesus’s counsel that all those who would follow Him should “go, sell what you possess and give to the poor.”  Unless I’m mistaken, nowhere does Sacred Scripture say such acts of individual charity should be replaced by Caesar’s seizure of the possessions of Jesus’s prospective followers for redistribution to the poor.  He might consider whether such an interpretation truly  reflects Jesus’s teachings.

History definitively establishes that the coercive, socialistic alternative to free enterprise capitalism reduces wealth creation in society.   In this regard, the science is settled that wealth cannot be redistributed by government unless it is first created by individuals.  This is why socialist policies always result in misery and poverty in abundance.  It is the essence of Margaret Thatcher’s witticism that “the trouble with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money.”

My own reason and faith tell me that Pope Francis’s advocacy of socialism is antithetical to the Gospel spirit of true charity based upon love of mankind.  They have convinced me that coerced “charity” in the form of government confiscation and redistribution of private wealth eliminates the Grace which always accompanies voluntary charitable acts.  The resulting deficiency of God’s Grace in our fallen world, I am certain, is bad news for the Church but good news for Satan’s kingdom (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).

America’s Orange Knight: President Donald Trump

It’s been said that history repeats itself.  During his two terms as California’s governor and as President of the United States, Ronald Reagan triumphed over his vicious, partisan opponents not only because of his communication skills, but also because they always underestimated his intelligence, wisdom and simple common sense.  His undeserved reputation as an “amiable dunce” proved to be his secret weapon.

President Donald Trump has a similar secret weapon.  It’s been labeled Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Its effect is twofold:  first, as with Reagan, it results in his being underestimated by his opponents; second, it drives them to hysterical rage and inclines them to focus on his personal style instead of substantive issues.

Hysteria does not inspire trust in the electorate.  For most “normal” people, the rabid ravings of hysterics disqualifies them from filling the highest political office in the land.

In matters of style, I’ll admit that Donald Trump is not my cup of tea.  He’s an egotistical, self-promoting salesman.  And yes, I would concede that he’s prone to gross exaggerations.  My response:  So what?

In domestic matters and foreign affairs, any reasonably fair-minded person–whether Independent, Republican or Democrat–must admit that he’s done an amazing job under extraordinarily adverse circumstances.  He’s kept his promises on fair trade, border security and national defense.  He’s expanded our liberties by shrinking the unconstitutional, regulatory state.  Simply stated, he’s been VERY good for every freedom-loving American.

President Trump isn’t perfect.  He’s not the champion most of us would have picked to ensure America’s survival as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around.”  Nonetheless, it would appear that he’s the savior our country needs at this moment in history.  He’s not our Dark Knight.  He’s our Orange Knight (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).

The Meaning And Promise Of Brexit

Congratulations to Great Britain and the British people from an American cousin.  If I may be permitted to paraphrase that nation’s greatest statesman, Winston Churchill, although Brexit may not mark the end, I’m confident it signals the beginning of the end of the 20th century’s tragic addiction to omnipotent, centralized government.  Pray God we soon see this abomination relegated to a well-earned place on history’s towering ash heap.

Britains have today, January 31, 2020, dealt a mortal blow to the deadly doctrine of rule by unaccountable bureaucrats.  In doing so, they have prepared the way for a rebirth of individual liberty.   Their action has advanced the sublime cause of freedom everywhere.

Those nations which wisely repudiate the coercive, administrative state and embrace consensual, republican government “of, by and for the people” will surely reap bountiful harvests of peace and prosperity.  The time to act is now.  Carpe diem (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).

Restoring America’s Social Immune System

Post-modern, post-constitutional America is reaping a harvest of personal, familial and societal dysfunction on an unprecedented scale.  The problem is directly traceable to the deadly, neo-pagan New Age virus which infected our society over a half-century ago.  Depression, anxiety, anger, drug dependence and sexual dysphoria are among the myriad pathologies produced by this infection.

As the infection worsens, its sufferers gradually lose their innate common sense and  their capacity for critical thinking.  These losses render them blind to the tragic nature of the human condition.  This blindness in turn increases their susceptibility to such infantile fantasies as perfect soulmates, highly-paid and frustration-free “dream” jobs, and blissful utopias created by social-engineering public servants.

If untreated, the virus victims’ impaired vision condemns them to view the world through a half-empty lens.  This results in their characteristic personality traits of ingratitude and resentment of others.

This need not be their fate, however, because even the most “woke” sufferers of New Age syndrome remain permanently hard-wired by their Creator to seek Truth.  The good news is that the light and heat generated by a single, independent thought can vaporize the virus.  The best news of all is that God’s healing Grace can repair the most severely damaged hearts, minds and souls.  Prayers to Gaia and reliance upon mystic crystal power are entirely useless for this purpose.

In due course, the healing process will restore our nation’s social immune system.  As individual and cultural sanity returns, we the people of the United States of America will see clearly that perdition awaits those who would foolishly permit self-serving politicians, unaccountable bureaucrats and hyper-politicized lawyers posing as impartial judges to control their homes, churches, schools, private businesses, and other personal sanctuaries historically deemed off-limits to government power (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).






The Social Justice Deception: Good News For Satan’s Kingdom

In my experience, liberal evangelicals constitute a sub-set of Christians whose faith has been poisoned by politics.  These kind and well-meaning, but genuinely deluded people are disproportionately found in today’s Social Justice movement.  During the 1980s, they similarly filled the ranks of the pro-communist Liberation Theology movement.

Except for the leftist ideologues surreptitiously embedded among them, liberal evangelicals seem unaware that atheistic, secular humanism is at the very heart of both movements.  Each of them replaces individual acts of charity with collective acts of government coercion.  In addition, each substitutes compulsory taxpayer funding for gifts freely given from the heart.

In short, the Social Justice and Liberation Theology movements remove the divine elements of love and God’s Grace from Christian charity.  This is why they tend to evoke ingratitude and produce an entitlement mentality among their intended beneficiaries, whereas private charity elicits gratitude and a sincere desire to render voluntary service to others in need.

Christians who fall for this deception tend to see Jesus primarily as an glorified social worker, not as the Son of God and Savior of the world.  Such confusion among the faithful is good news for Satan’s kingdom.  It is why we must always be mindful of Blaise Pascal’s wise counsel that “clear thinking is a moral imperative.”

An American Tragedy: How A “Government Of Laws, Not Of Men” Became A Government Of Scavengers, Not Of Laws

More than a half-century ago, a gang of grifters embarked upon an audacious scheme to topple the American republic by destroying the U.S. Constitution.  In pursuit of this goal, they repeatedly employed the tactics of misdirection and evasion.  The impeachment melodrama now being staged in the nation’s capital is the latest in a long list of diversions concocted to distract gullible citizens from their treachery.

The self-serving politicians and hyper-politicized judges comprising this gang disdained  the principles of individual liberty and limited, consensual government proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution.  They realized that these principles were irreconcilable with their desire to impose equality of outcome upon the populace through an all-powerful, collectivist state.

To give grudging credit where it’s due, these subversives have very nearly achieved their goal.  Though slow at first, their progress accelerated during the 1960s and ’70s following their escape from the constitutional constraints imposed upon the federal government’s three, lawful branches.  They were aided in their escape by unprincipled lawyers posing as impartial judges and by legions of unaccountable bureaucrats embedded in America’s unconstitutional “fourth branch” of anti-democratic regulatory agencies.

To our everlasting shame, we the people of the United States snoozed as these co-conspirators escalated their attacks upon our most vital democratic institutions.  We barely stirred as they seized regulatory control over our homes, churches, schools and other private sanctuaries traditionally deemed off-limits to government intrusion.  We did little but bellyache as they plundered our unalienable, God-given rights.

Neither did we act as they fundamentally transformed the Constitution from a security pact among the sovereign states and their citizens into an instrument of surrender to an unconstrained federal government.  Too few of us seemed to care that, as a result of the “abuses and usurpations” committed by the grifters and their bureaucratic enablers, what our second president, John Adams, had characterized as “a government of laws, not of men” became a de facto government of scavengers, not of laws.

This tragic transmutation has stricken America with a deadly affliction.  The good news is that rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated.  A spark of life yet remains in our democratic republic.  Even better news is the fact that, with each passing day, more and more citizens are awakening to the fact that the grifters have nullified the rule of law in our beloved nation.

The newly awakened are beginning to see that our former public servants have become a lawless and subversive ruling class elite.  Some of us realize that they must be opposed by a non-partisan fellowship of liberty-loving, law-abiding citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) with the courage to proclaim that our federal government has forfeited its legitimate authority over us.

More than words will be required of us, however, if we are to succeed in our rescue mission.  Colonial America had Minutemen during the Revolutionary War.  Similarly,  contemporary America must have Freedom’s First Responders if the rule of law and individual liberty are to survive.  Those of us with the courage to act must must find creative, non-violent ways–both small and large, symbolic and substantive–to throw sand into the gears of the liberty-destroying machine which the government has become under the grifters’ control.

Of one thing we can be certain.  Those who rise in resistance will no more receive justice from our federal courts or administrative agencies than Thomas Jefferson would have received it from a British court on July 5, 1776.  For this reason, we must be willing to pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor as the eternal price of freedom.

The bottom line is this:  Individual liberty, the rule of law, and the founding principle of limited, consensual government will only endure if we the people drive the grifters from our homes, churches and schools.  We must simultaneously force them back within their original, strict constitutional constraints.

Unless we accept this challenge, America will not survive for future generations as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around.”  If this is America’s fate, our descendants will justly condemn us for depriving them of the blessings of liberty which we ourselves inherited from our more responsible and praise-worthy ancestors (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).

A Modest Proposal For Restoring Limited, Consensual Government To America

Headline:  9 of 20 Richest Counties Are D.C. Suburbs (cnsnews.com; December 18, 2019)

Breaking News.  Our nation’s biggest bottom-feeders are nesting in these nine counties for the same reason that Willie Sutton said he robbed banks:  “Because [D.C. is] where the money is.”  Of one thing we can be certain.  The denizens of these counties are not primarily entrepreneurs and limited-government, free-enterprise advocates.  Their presence is a function of our metastasizing federal government’s chronic, morbid obesity.

Herewith is a modest proposal for curing this deadly malady:  A non-partisan fellowship of patriotic, liberty-loving citizen CEOs (Constitution Enforcement Officers) might consider bypassing the U.S. Treasury and the IRS by sending their voluntary tax payments DIRECTLY to places where it won’t subsidize our nation’s wannabe ruling class of arrogant career politicians; unaccountable, know-it-all bureaucrats; hyper-politicized lawyers posing as impartial judges; and blood-sucking crony capitalists.

For example, law-abiding citizens could send their payments directly to legitimate departments such as the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration.  Other worthy recipients would include local food banks, crisis pregnancy centers and charter school associations.

I can think of no better way to peacefully extricate the parasites infesting Washington, D.C., and its environs.  Success in this endeavor will have another salutary effect.  It will help assure America’s survival for future generations as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around” (ref. http://www.newguardsforliberty.com).