An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald Trump

An Open Letter To President-Elect Donald Trump

Re:  We Win, They Lose (Version 2.0)

Dear Mr. President-Elect:

Ronald Reagan’s strategic plan for victory in the Cold War was brilliant in its simplicity. His classic formula–“We win, they lose”–is no less applicable to the worldwide religious war now being waged by jihadist barbarians stuck in the seventh century.

President Reagan used America’s economic might to defeat a secular, evil empire devoted to destroying the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western Civilization.  You, Mr. President-Elect, can do the same with militant Islam.  You can lead us to victory in the “war on terror.”

You can pursue policies which unleash our nation’s enormous productive capacity.  You can urge Congress to free our energy resources.  With our shackles removed, we will capture the markets that fill the coffers of our enemies’ enablers in the Muslim Middle East and North Africa.  We will defang our bloodthirsty foe by cutting off its petrodollar funding.

From Cairo to Riyadh to Bagdad to Tehran, the prospects for a true Arab and Persian spring of peace and freedom would be immeasurably enhanced.  Such a humanitarian triumph–one worthy of history’s greatest leaders–would be a legacy for the ages.

As a bonus, drilling, mining and related export jobs will increase here in the U.S.  A secure and stable supply of domestic energy will encourage investment and further grow our economy.  Millions of dispirited citizens will seize the opportunity to cast off their chains of dependence upon the federal government.  They will reclaim control of their lives.  On your watch, we the people will make America great again.

All that’s required is the will and the courage to act.  It CAN be done.  My unsolicited advice to you, President-Elect Trump?  Beginning on January 20, 2017, sir, let’s roll!

Yours cordially

Ray Cedor Jr.

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