Millennials: They’re Not Hopeless

Millennials have been characterized as selfish narcissists whose enormous egos are exceeded only by their microscopic attention spans and deficient critical thinking skills.  Although it’s hard to argue with the accuracy of this broad-brush characterization, my personal belief is that millennials are not inherently dumb.  Rather, I see them as victims of snake-oil hucksters who have swindled them of a REAL education by filling their minds with leftist nostrums and such New Age nonsense as perfect soulmates, frustration-free dream jobs, and something-for-nothing fantasies.

Like it or not, this generation represents America’s future.  The news is not all bad, however.  The good news is that its members can break free from their leftist programming.  What their programmers fear most is that, like all human beings, millennials are hard-wired to seek out Truth.

These programmers realize that the light and heat produced by even a nano-second of independent, objective thought can destroy decades of indoctrination.  They know it takes only a moment to awaken in their victims the realization that they’ve been lied to throughout their lives.  They also know this recognition will predispose them to heed Socrates’ advice to question everything they’ve heretofore accepted as unchallenged gospel.

Those millennials who remove the shackles from their minds will soon enough separate themselves from their clueless contemporaries.  In the end, I am cautiously optimistic that these mavericks will come to the common sense conclusion that trading the INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY provided by democratic capitalism for the COERCIVE CONFORMITY guaranteed by socialism is the mother of all bad deals.

Ultimately, those of us who still believe that our admittedly-imperfect nation remains “the last best hope of man on earth” must pray that a critical mass of millennials acquire the wisdom to see that rejecting capitalism and embracing socialism is the equivalent of trading rare and precious gems for trinkets.  Of one thing we can be certain.  America will not survive as the land of the free and the home of the brave if it is populated by herds of mindless rubes who would willingly make this deal (ref.

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