The Poisoned Fruit Of A Rigged Election

Power without authority is the classic definition of tyranny. In our constitutional republic, fair and honest elections are the SOLE means by which the federal government’s executive, legislative and judicial branches obtain their legitimate authority and just powers from we the people.

By all appearances, the presidential election conducted on November 3, 2020 was neither fair nor honest. Only the hyper-partisan, the corrupt or the deluded deny the vast evidence of fraud in plain sight before our eyes. No amount of media gaslighting can conceal that this election was rigged six ways from Sunday.

History amply demonstrates that the poisoned fruit of such elections is toxic to consensual government. If America is to remain “a nation that has a government, not the other way around”–in the words of Ronald Reagan–its results must be thoroughly and transparently investigated, however long it takes. In the interim, the collective mantra of every law-abiding, liberty-loving citizen MUST be “No Authority, No Consent!”

The fate of our beloved nation hangs in the balance. Even now it is in imminent danger of joining the former Soviet Union on the ash heap of history. Soon enough, the utopian promises of the social-engineering globalists who have long sought America’s demise will be revealed to us as damned lies. In due course, we will find ourselves captives in a godless, soulless, joyless, socialist hell-hole.

If we lack the courage to engage in this existential battle, generations yet unborn will curse us for having foolishly squandered the blessings of liberty which we ourselves inherited from our more worthy ancestors. The good news is that nothing is written. Not yet, anyway. Even now, we have it in our power to rescue our constitutional republic. Let’s roll!

One thought on “The Poisoned Fruit Of A Rigged Election

  1. In 1976 I predicted that the Soviet Union would cease to exist by the turn of the century. That happened. That prediction was influenced by the writings of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. At that same time I predicted that the USA would begin to resemble the former Soviet Union. Here it is. If this fraudulent election is allowed to stand, we will have become the former USSR.


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