Deja Vu All Over Again: 1860 And 2020

Moreso than at any time since 1860, the United States is a nation irreconcilably divided against itself. On one side of the divide are the inhabitants of our “red states.” These law-abiding, freedom-loving patriots are dedicated to preserving the American ideal of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” On the other side of the divide are a minority of America-hating globalists who dominate our “blue states” and dream of transforming “the land of the free and the home of the brave” into the land of the fearful and home of the dependent.

Red staters constitute the majority of the 83% of counties nationwide which Donald Trump fairly, honestly and overwhelmingly won on November 3. For us, President Trump has demonstrated true greatness under historically-unprecedented duress during his first term in office. My personal assessment is that he is one of the two best presidents to have served during my lifetime of 70-plus years.

For the denizens of the 17% of blue-majority counties comprising Joe Biden’s America, the Orange Man is a racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic caricature. For them, he is far and away the worst president in American history. The reason for their harsh judgment has nothing to do with his many domestic and foreign policy achievements. It has everything to do with the simple fact that he has easily and embarrassingly defeated their attempts to subvert him at every turn.

They know full well that, given another four years, President Trump will preside over an enormous expansion of American freedom, wealth and confidence. In doing so, he will consign to history’s proverbial ash heap their best laid plans to turn the United States into a nation of sheep subject to the tender mercies of an omnipotent, coercive and predatory federal government. They know their dream of transforming our beloved nation from a constitutional republic into a godless, socialist hellhole will only be achieved if their massive election fraud is ignored and Joe Biden is inaugurated as President on January 20, 2021 (ref.

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