The Evils Of Identity Politics

An epidemic of viciousness has overtaken America. It has resulted from the cataclysmic failure of our nation’s essential civic institutions and traditional culture. The source of this pathology is no mystery. It can be directly traced to our wannabe political masters in Washington, D.C., and their co-conspirators in media, Big Tech and academia.

For several decades, these cultural saboteurs have spread their infection through the practice of identity politics by pitting races, sexes and classes against one another. Its pathogenesis is best illustrated by their desecration of the noble legacy of the greatest 20th century American, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

Whereas Dr. King gave his life for the cause of equal justice and racial equality for all, this sublime ideal was cynically reversed by self-serving politicians pandering for minority votes. They ignored Dr. King’s focus upon the content of one’s character. In its place, they perversely substituted skin color, thereby turning his ideal on its head.

They employed the morally-vile practice of reverse discrimination in an effort to impose an impossible equality of outcome among all races in America. Towards this end, they re-defined racial discrimination as the absence of racial preference. Henceforth, unequal treatment was mandated by law. Color-blindness became racist. Two wrongs would now make a right.

Tragically, their actions took our society off the righteous path of racial healing and set us on the road to perdition. For several decades now, we have been forced participants in a de facto race to the bottom. To the victors in this melanin- and hormone-based competition goes the coveted, “most aggrieved victim” award. In the end, our participation profits us nothing, but costs us our souls. For its promoters, however, this diabolical enterprise is obscenely lucrative.

Always left unspoken is the plain truth that the ultimate goal of identity politics is the destruction of our families and control of our homes, churches, schools and other personal sanctuaries historically deemed off-limits to government. The promoters are indifferent to the fact that their divide-and-conquer tactics foster grievance where there once was gratitude, envy where there was tolerance, and despair where there was hope. They consider these evils to be a small price to pay for poisoning our nation’s innate spirit of optimism and personal responsibility. They care not a whit that substituting vice for virtue is a sure-fire formula for mass misery.

They have concluded that their disputed triumph in the presidential election of 2020 represents the final battle in their protracted jihad against America’s founding principles of individual liberty and limited, consensual government. By all appearances, they are even now preparing to retaliate against those of us who contend their defeat of President Trump was the result of vast fraud in six, problematic swing-state elections.

Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers have demonstrated an unwillingness to accept that disgruntled, non-partisan voters had no desire to overturn those election results. They do not believe that our SOLE objective was affirming that the results were fair and honest. They fail to comprehend that we were fully prepared to accept the legitimacy of whichever presidential candidate was certified as the victor, but only after thorough, transparent and independent investigations in the swing states. Alas, this highly-desirable outcome is no longer a possibility.

We self-professed zealots for the rule of law are many things. For the most part, however, we are not stone fools. Notwithstanding our corrupt media’s constant gaslighting, we are convinced that the perpetrators of swing-state election fraud have “pulled a Hillary” by electronically wiping Dominion voting machine data and shredding millions and millions of dubious, mail-in ballots. How could we not believe this? After all, didn’t they spend four years and tens of millions of dollars staging an attempted coup against President Trump based upon nothing but the Clinton-created Russia collusion hoax? We know full well that any investigation under these circumstances would be beyond pointless.

Our rogue “public servants” have sown the wind. They will soon reap the whirlwind. Scores of millions of patriotic, law-abiding, liberty-loving citizens will never willingly consent to be governed by a presumptively-illegitimate Biden-Harris administration and an outlaw Congress. For members of this fledgling, non-violent resistance movement, the issue is not Trump; the issue is Truth. WE WILL NOT LIVE BY LIES. On this they can rely.

Where will all this sound and fury end? I cannot say. It is entirely conceivable to me that the “great experiment in liberty” which was the United States of America has run its course after nearly two-and-a-half centuries. It is equally conceivable that we the people will act for the second time in our history to “dissolve the political bands which have connected [us].”

If division is our destiny, I foresee that “blue state” believers in identity politics will lament their foolish rejection of the “red state” philosophy of E Pluribus Unum. The reason is simple: Live-and-let-live is infinitely superior to We-say-so as a guiding principle of human society. Only one problem. This idea is no use to men and women intent on playing God to fulfill their utopian fantasies of heaven on earth. No amount of historical evidence is sufficient to teach them that such arrogance invariably condemns their unfortunate beneficiaries to serve lifetime sentences in joyless, soulless, socialist hell holes.

If we are wise, we will pray to God to save us from this dystopian fate. If we are brave, we will pledge “our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” to the cause of restoring our constitutional republic. Only by doing so can we preserve for generations yet unborn the blessings of liberty which we ourselves inherited from our wiser, braver ancestors (ref.

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