Restoring America’s Compromised, Cultural Immune System

When it comes to spreading the deadly, totalitarian OCG (Omnipotent Coercive Government) virus, the unholy trinity of Lenin, Stalin and Mao had nothing on the disciples of Saul Alinsky. His star pupils–Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama–and their acolytes have co-opted “useful idiots” such as George Bush and Mitt Romney to spread the worsening epidemic of viciousness which has plagued America for the past several decades. They have lied and cheated in the service of turning our nation into a land of confusion. Most recently, their co-conspirators in media, Big Tech and academia have engaged in non-stop gaslighting to convince a gullible populace that Donald Trump is the source of this epidemic. The reality is quite different.

Trump is not the problem. Neither is he the solution. The problem is that we have confused lies with the truth about our national affliction. The Truth is that our cultural immune system has been severely compromised by the America-hating globalists who rule the Democrat Party. They have been aided by spineless quislings in the Republican Party’s leadership. These subversives have employed Marxist/Alinskyite divide-and-conquer tactics to great effect. They have done so through the practice of identity politics by pitting race against race, sex against sex, and class against class. Even more insidiously, they have pitted the reality of humanity’s fallen state against the fantasy of government-created utopia.

The resulting social toxins have led to the cataclysmic failure of our essential civic institutions and traditional, Judeo-Christin culture. As things now stand, we will only survive as a free and prosperous constitutional republic if our culture can once again produce sufficient anti-bodies to fight off the globalist infection. The good news is that rumors of our republic’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

National health can yet be restored, but only if a critical mass of law-abiding, liberty-loving citizens resolve to de-politicize our homes, churches, schools and other personal sanctuaries traditionally deemed off-limits to the federal government. What’s needed is a non-violent, non-partisan grassroots movement committed to evicting our wannabe political masters from these sanctuaries and forcing them back within their original, strict constitutional constraints. We must then shackle these rogue “public servants” and take care that they never again escape to threaten our nation’s founding principles of individual liberty and limited, consensual government.

Only by doing so will we preserve for future generations the blessings of liberty which we ourselves inherited from our wiser, braver ancestors. Only by doing so will we restore our cultural immune system. Only by doing so will we ensure America’s survival as–in the words of Ronald Reagan–“a nation that has a government, not the other way around.” The clock is ticking. We must take action. We must take it now. Let’s roll! (ref.

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