Invitation to a Beheading (2 of 3)

Many will regard my refusal to subsidize a lawless federal government as the act of a madman or a fool.  In truth, at times I have doubted my own sanity.  As for being a fool, I plead guilty without hesitation.  I confess to having long believed the world needs principled fools.  Historical evidence abounds.  America’s very existence required 102 fools in search of religious freedom to leave their homes, cross a perilous ocean, and brave a hostile wilderness in 1620.  Its survival as a free nation was secured 156 years later when 56 liberty-loving fools placed their heads in a British noose by signing the Declaration of Independence.  Will posterity validate my poor imitation of their inspired folly?  While awaiting the answer, I invite you, the reader, to visit my New Guards For Liberty web site at  Its goal is to form a fellowship of volunteer Constitution Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to protect and defend our nation from the eternal threat to freedom posed by unconstrained government power.

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