The Social Justice Deception: Good News For Satan’s Kingdom

In my experience, liberal evangelicals constitute a sub-set of Christians whose faith has been poisoned by politics.  These kind and well-meaning, but genuinely deluded people are disproportionately found in today’s Social Justice movement.  During the 1980s, they similarly filled the ranks of the pro-communist Liberation Theology movement.

Except for the leftist ideologues surreptitiously embedded among them, liberal evangelicals seem unaware that atheistic, secular humanism is at the very heart of both movements.  Each of them replaces individual acts of charity with collective acts of government coercion.  In addition, each substitutes compulsory taxpayer funding for gifts freely given from the heart.

In short, the Social Justice and Liberation Theology movements remove the divine elements of love and God’s Grace from Christian charity.  This is why they tend to evoke ingratitude and produce an entitlement mentality among their intended beneficiaries, whereas private charity elicits gratitude and a sincere desire to render voluntary service to others in need.

Christians who fall for this deception tend to see Jesus primarily as an glorified social worker, not as the Son of God and Savior of the world.  Such confusion among the faithful is good news for Satan’s kingdom.  It is why we must always be mindful of Blaise Pascal’s wise counsel that “clear thinking is a moral imperative.”

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