Undermining The Catholic Church: Social Justice Warriors — The Enemy Within

The Catholic Church is always under attack.  At present it is decaying from within.  As I see it, the source of this corruption is a vocal faction of social justice warriors (formerly known as liberation theologians).  To be clear, I do not doubt their good intentions.  I am certain most are dedicated to serving God and His Church.  I’m equally certain they are clueless that their words and deeds are advancing Satan’s kingdom.  Such moral, ethical and spiritual blindness is characteristic of those who have been infected by the soul-destroying virus of relativism.  In the fevered minds of its sufferers, nothing is real.  Everything is subjective.  Sin and evil?  They don’t exist.  Truth?  No way.  In their delusion, the most severe sufferers deny the reality of God.  Like Judas, however, they would have us follow Christ as a kindly social worker.  They esteem Him not as the Savior of our immortal souls, but as the bearer of loaves and fishes to stuff our bellies.  All of this is bad news for the Church.  The good news is there’s a simple, readily-available cure for this affliction.  Healing and renewal will begin the instant we return to the plain and simple “words of eternal life” proclaimed in the Gospels.

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