If It Looks Like A Duck: 2020 Presidential Election Fraud

You have to hand it to the Democrat Party. It has mastered the “heads we win, tails you lose” strategy for stealing elections. The first step is to remove all ballot integrity safeguards. The next is to introduce unverifiable and/or easily falsifiable registration procedures to facilitate illegal voting. The final step is to ensure that its operatives are shielded from close scrutiny while tabulating ballots.

Simply stated, the Democrat Party counts on the fact that whenever its candidate finishes with more votes than the challenger, the rules require the challenger to produce sufficient evidence of fraud to overturn the results. Under normal circumstances, this is an unobjectionable practice.

In the “plague year” of 2020, however, abnormal has become the new normal. Lies about the Covid-19 virus’s engineered origin in a Chinese communist lab and misinformation about its demographically-selective virulence have become the stock-in-trade of Comrade Fauci.

Fauci and his public health co-conspirators have destroyed their credibility by collaborating with the America-hating leftists who control the Democrat Party. Ideologues in the mainstream media and Big Tech have joined their subversive enterprise by proclaiming that the Trump-Biden contest on November 3 contained not even a smidgen of corruption. Gaslighting is their specialty.

When we, the “unwoke” resistance, point to the tsunamis of fishy mail-in ballots and the massive, overnight dumps of electronic votes recorded for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, they plug their ears and close their eyes and ceaselessly chant the gaslighter’s favorite mantra: “Nothing to see here. Move on.”

When we reject their patently-partisan denials, they reflexively denounce us as conspiracy wackos, bitter enders, fascists, and the ever-popular Nazi racist scum. They then demand of us to prove them wrong. Here’s the thing. The vast evidence of electoral improprieties in plain sight for all to see provides prima facie support for the common sense conclusion that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.

By this standard, we can logically declare that the fix was in on November 3. By this standard, we can confidently deduce that the election was stolen. To paraphrase George Orwell, only an intellectual would believe otherwise.

The sixty-four thousand dollar question is, what is to be done now? The Democrat Party and their allies would have us shut up and abjectly submit to their fraud. They should know that law-abiding, liberty-loving citizens will never surrender to them.

I would propose two alternatives to prevent the resulting, likely dissolution of our democratic republic. First, we could rather easily settle this dispute by repeating the election in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. The cost of doing so would be much less than the Russia collusion and Ukraine quid-pro-quo impeachment hoaxes billed to American taxpayers and brought to us by the Democrat Party in collusion with corrupt, weaponized law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

As a second alternative, if the election is to be resolved by the US Supreme Court, the legal burden MUST be shifted to require the Democrat Party to prove the legality of each and every Biden/Harris vote. Such a reversal of the normal burden of proof standard would serve justice by punishing the party responsible for the current chaos. Who knows? It might even discourage cheating in future elections. Well . . . no, probably not.

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